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Rabbit Fur Fluorite - South Africa

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13mm with handmade Sterling Silver moon bead

This classic and beautiful Rabbit Fur Flourite bracelet is the perfect addition to any jewelry collection. Composed of natural flourite and rabbit fur(fine rutile), this bracelet is sure to be a conversation starter. Fluorite is a mineral that is found in various parts of the world, ranging from different shapes and colors. The colors range from blues, greens, purples, yellows, and even browns. This bracelet is comprised of natural pastel hues of purple and pink, giving it an elegant and timeless look. The rabbit fur adds an extra layer of texture and depth to the bracelet, making it one of a kind. Fluorite is known to be a powerful healing stone, promoting focus and concentration, and helping to balance the mind, body, and spirit. With its calming properties, the Rabbit Fur Flourite bracelet is sure to bring peace and tranquility to any jewelry collection.

Bracelets are constructed with a durable stretch cord made from single strand polyurethane material, which is made in the USA. This is not your typical multi-cord elastic bracelet found online. Our can last for YEARS if properly cared for.

Each Hootz Bracelet features premium quality materials and is handmade with love and intention by people supporting themselves on their own terms.

*Note: All stones are natural so expect slight variation in each bracelet design.*

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