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Lavender Amethyst - Brazil

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This beautiful Lavender Amethyst bracelet is an eye-catching piece of jewelry that is sure to turn heads. The composition of this stone is quartz, which is a variety of silicon dioxide, and it is found in Brazil and Uruguay. The colors of this stone range from pale purple to deep lavender hues. The properties of this stone include calming, peace, and stress relief. In addition to its physical beauty, Lavender Amethyst is said to have many healing properties. It is believed to bring balance and harmony to the wearer, as well as to help one move through difficult emotions. It is also said to be helpful in reducing stress and anxiety. In terms of history, Lavender Amethyst has been used for centuries as an aid in meditation and spiritual growth. It was believed by many cultures to provide protection from evil and to bring peace and serenity to the wearer. This Lavender Amethyst bracelet is a stunning piece of jewelry that has a multitude of healing benefits. It is a beautiful way to express your style and add a touch of elegance to any outfit.


Bracelets are constructed with a durable stretch cord made from single strand polyurethane material, which is made in the USA. This is not your typical multi-cord elastic bracelet found online. Our can last for YEARS if properly cared for.

Each Hootz Bracelet features premium quality materials and is handmade with love and intention by people supporting themselves on their own terms.

*Note: All stones are natural so expect natural inclusions. *

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