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Black Tourmaline & Rutile Quartz - Brazil

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This black tourmalined rutile quartz bracelet is a stunning combination of two powerful minerals, quartz and tourmaline. The quartz is a clear crystal that has been infused with black tourmaline. The tourmaline gives the quartz a beautiful black color with golden rutile threads running through it. This bracelet is mined from Brazil and other parts of South America. Due to the quartz and tourmaline combination this bracelet is a powerful tool for spiritual growth and transformation. It helps in grounding the wearer It also helps to expand one's awareness and connection to the divine. Black tourmalined rutile quartz is believed to have been used since the time of the ancient Egyptians. It was believed to have been used for protection and to enhance one's spiritual connection. It was even believed to have been used to ward off negitive energy. Today, it is still believed to bring balance, healing, and protection to the wearer.

Hootz Bracelets are constructed with a durable stretch cord made from single strand polyurethane material, which is made in the USA. This is not your typical multi-cord elastic bracelet found online. Our can last for YEARS if properly cared for.

Each Hootz Bracelet features premium quality materials and is handmade with love and intention by people supporting themselves on their own terms.

*Note: All stones are natural so expect natural inclusions. *

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