Hootz Bracelets

Aquamarine 8mm- Brazil

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8.5mm sulfured sterling silver

Embrace the calming allure of our Aquamarine Bracelet and experience the tranquility it brings to your life. Elevate your style with the serene beauty of this extraordinary gemstone, reflecting the serenity of ocean waves and the elegance of timeless jewelry. Let this exquisite accessory be a source of inspiration and balance, guiding you towards a life of harmony and inner peace.

Bracelets are constructed with a durable stretch cord made from single strand polyurethane material, which is made in the USA. This is not your typical multi-cord elastic bracelet found online. Our can last for YEARS if properly cared for.

Each Hootz Bracelet features premium quality materials and is handmade with love and intention by people supporting themselves on their own terms.

*Note: All stones are natural so expect natural inclusions. *

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