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What Is Hootz Bracelets?

Veteran-owned and operated since 2018 specializing in handmade crystal jewelry.

"When I got home from Afghanistan in 2012, day to day life wasn’t stimulating enough. I had to get creative and find a way to get in touch with who I was present day, after war. With these crystal bracelets I was able to create something special, not only for my own healing, but for others too. Hootz makes a difference in people’s lives today. Everyone has a unique story, and a unique path. I welcome all walks of life to join me on this spiritual journey of GOD, hope, healing, recovery and creativity."
David | Creator, Hootz Bracelets



When we think of color in our daily lives, we often don’t realize the subconscious emphasis on the colors we're drawn to. Red, browns and blacks are grounding colors, igniting influence on our brain based on the energy they were divinely created with. Oranges and yellows stimulate the energy centers associated with creation, confidence, and personal joy. As we move up the body’s energy centers, we get to the heart, typically represented by greens and pinks. Expression, communication, and trust is represented by blue, the throat energy center of the body. We journey to the forehead and crown of the head with indigo and purple colors, representing the connection we have in our spiritual relationship with a higher power and our highest expression of clarity and wisdom.

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Our mission is to spread love and light and we're always looking for new and creative ways to help the world. Hootz Bracelets isn't just crystal jewelry, it’s beautiful pieces of art that will make the wearer feel happy and confident. Hootz is passionate about providing ethically sourced, premium crystal jewelry and spiritual tools at affordable prices to help you on your journey. Shop beautifully intentioned crystal jewelry with Hootz Bracelets. Make a statement without saying a word with our handcrafted jewelry made from natural materials.